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Effective and fruitful: CHINT technical seminar in Cyprus

Effective and fruitful: CHINT technical seminar in Cyprus

On 20th - 22th of September, CHINT Turkey subsidiary had a great seminar in Cyprus with over 50 participants, who were all decision makers and project owners from different cities and regions around Turkey.

The seminar began with the company presentation with CHINT global footprints. Technical training with brainstorming was also presented at the seminar in order to realize how we can make more successful for project business in Turkey. We also organized funny team building activities for customers and CHINT members to enhance relationship and business communication. Our customers, they met, saw and experienced how CHINT bring good values to their project and make them comfortable in a technical way.

The participants showed great recognition and trust to CHINT brand and products. Excitingly, after the seminar we conclude three important projects. Based on the improvement suggestions, we will bring more valuable solutions and services to customers determinedly and continuously in the future.