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ogether when it matters, join global community to battle vir

Since the New Year of 2020, the pandemic COVID-19 has caused serious concern around the world. Everyone is a community with a shared future.

CHINT global partners have been caring for China since the outbreak began. Now, in the face of the development of the epidemic in the world, CHINT, a representative of Chinese private enterprises on the world stage, has taken active actions and the courage to take responsibility, and battled the epidemic together with other countries.

In Norway, the rapid spread of the pandemic has led to a shortage of anti-epidemic equipment in local hospitals, with medical staff even making simple homemade masks to protect them. On March 13, a welcome gift, 5,000 surgical masks, 5,000 disposable gloves and a batch of protective clothing and goggles donated by CHINT were delivered to local hospitals in Lier through CHINT's local long-term distributor CENIKA AS.

The Mayor of Lier expressed great appreciation to CHINT for the kindness. "We thank you for your help and assistance in a very hard time for Lier community and the whole society. Your contribution is very important for Lier community so we can handle the situation in the best possible way for our citizens. We greatly appreciate that you help us in a way we can avoid infection and be able to provide our citizens with good services."

At the same time, the surgical masks donated by CHINT to South Korea have also arrived at the local distributor's warehouse. After packaging, these medical supplies will be delivered to customers in the first time.

More good feedbacks come in flocks from Brazil, Dubai, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Kenya, Peru, South Africa, Nigeria, Iraq and Vietnam. More and more global customers received medical supplies from CHINT. In battle of the worldwide pandemic, we're together when it matters. CHINT, in the name of love, delivers hope and energy to the world, crossing mountains and oceans with love relay to every corner of the world.