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Officially open to air traffic: CHINT power in Daxing Airport

On September 25, the eye-catching "golden phoenix", Beijing Daxing International Airport was officially opened to air traffic. Topped a list of the seven wonders of the modern world, it is the world's largest airport with a single building area of 1.4 million square meters and a cost of 80 billion yuan.


What does the new airport look like after all? Looking down from the sky, it looks like a phoenix, stretching out its wings under the sun. Look carefully at the color of the terminal roof, it has the same color as the glazed tiles of the Forbidden City, echoing each other with the ancient royal palace buildings located in Beijing.

With its colossal scale, the airport officially started construction on September 26, 2015. It took 100 days to complete construction of nearly 10,000 foundation piles and 10 months to pour 1.05 million square meters of concrete. Then they completed the lifting and installation of steel mesh roof with projected area of 180,000 square meters in 80 days. This massive infrastructure "miracle" is also driven by the technology of numerous Chinese manufacturing enterprises.

CHINT Techsel helps the new airport turn "difficulty" into "strength"

In construction bidding of the grand airport, CHINT Techsel, with its outstanding comprehensive advantages, is honored to be the main force to add a crucial technological glitter to the airport's "high-end features". In the comprehensive service building, hotel and office area of the airport, CHINT Techsel offered nearly 3,000 sunshade motors, nearly 4,000 ventilators, more than 50 intelligent gateways and more than 1,000 intelligent controllers.


CHINT brand escorting the safe operation of the airport


Since 2016, CHINT has continued to provide Daxing International Airport with transmission and distribution equipment worth nearly 100 million yuan, including box-type substation, transformer, high-voltage cabinet, low-voltage cabinet and dc screen, providing power guarantee for efficient and safe operation of the airport. The power transmission and distribution equipment has become the backbone in the rainwater pumping station, airfield lighting stand, open and close station and other functional areas.