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Premier Li's thumbs up on CHINT Northwest Industrial Park

Premier Li's thumbs up on CHINT Northwest Industrial Park

On the morning of October 15, Li Keqiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, visited CHINT Intelligent Electric Northwest Industrial Park in Xianyang, Shaanxi Province. He spoke highly of CHINT's industrial transfer measures, praising "Shanxi CHINT is the new golden phoenix which is about to fly out".

Xiao Jie, State Councilor and Secretary General of the State Council, He Lifeng, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and Director of NDRC, Miao Wei, Minister of MIIT, Hu Heping, Secretary of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Liu Guozhong, Deputy Secretary of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Shaanxi Province, Zhao Gang, Vice Governor of Shaanxi Province, Yue Liang, Secretary of Xianyang Municipal Party Committee, Nan Cunhui, chairman of CHINT Group, Chen Chengjian, president of CHINT Electric, Li Shuiqing, general manager of CHINT Intelligent Electric Northwest Industrial Park also joined the visit and investigation.

Chairman Nan elaborated on the construction planning, industrial layout, "One Cloud & Two Nets" strategy, intelligent manufacturing, smart energy, smart city and IIoT of the Industrial Park to promote industrial upgrading.

In the production workshop, Premier Li inspected the intelligent manufacturing equipment made by CHINT with industrial internet thinking and the IoT technology. He made a detailed inquiry on the "Belt and Road" international projects cooperation and R&D strength.

In the intelligent wiring harness processing center, the staff reported that CHINT replaced manual operation with intelligent equipment to achieve cost-cutting and efficiency. In the workshop of intelligent power distribution cabinet, by giving full play to the advantages of the whole industrial chain, CHINT carried out technological innovation & application and provided whole sets of CHINT components for Shaanxi Electric Power. The Premier gave high praise when he learned that the Industrial Park serves engineering projects in Italy, Zambia and other countries, and its products were found in 19 countries along the "Belt and Road".

In 2014, in response to the "Belt and Road" Initiative, CHINT established the Industrial Park, guided by strategies of exploring Zhejiang and Shanghai as incubating bases for Internet+, intelligent manufacturing, new energy and Xianyang as the base for production capacity transfer. Over the past five years, the business performance of the Industrial Park has maintained a high-speed growth trend of over 50%.

Premier Li highly appreciated CHINT's move to promote the transfer of industries from the east to the west. He pointed out that industrial upgrading will inevitably bring about industrial transfer, which will improve the competitiveness of the industry. The labor resources in the central and western regions are rich, and there is a huge space for industrial transfer. The industrial transfer of eastern enterprises to the central and western regions is not only the need of their own development, but also a contribution to the balanced development of the country.

Chairman Nan also mentioned CHINT's efforts in implementing various policies and measures to reduce taxes, fees and financing costs by creating a favorable business environment. He presented advices on how to give full play to the comprehensive advantages of China's complete industrial chain to solve some policy problems in production capacity transfer from the east to the west. Premier Li encouraged that the government will provide more policies that are attractive for industrial transfer in the central and western regions.

CHINT Intelligent Electric Northwest Industrial Park is one of the key projects to undertake industrial transfer in the east of Shaanxi, with a total investment of 10 billion yuan. Giving full play in advantages of science & education, talents, energy, location and costs of Shaanxi Province, the Industrial Park is forged to be an Internet+ wisdom energy industrial park involving intelligent power distribution industry headquarter, "hydrogen" energy industry, wisdom centralized power station and distributed energy station. Based on Shaanxi, the Industrial Park has taken the mission of northwest-oriented and radiation in Europe and Asia, which is also the positive action of CHINT in response to the national "Belt and Road" Initiative.