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A new breakthrough in hotel solutions in Dominican Republic

A new breakthrough in hotel solutions in Dominican Republic

With the continuous efforts in Latin American market over years and the further deepening of cross-industry and departmental cooperation, CHINT Latin American team has made a benchmarking breakthrough in the hotel project cooperation in Dominican Republic.

In 2019, for a large resort hotel in the country, CHINT provided a package solutions that integrated power generation, distribution and consumption sectors, including low-voltage components, building electronics, low-voltage distribution cabinets and roof photovoltaic systems. At present, the project is under orderly construction and all the products involved are expected to be fully delivered in Q1 2020, with a total amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With the achievements and brand influence of this large-scale resort hotel project, CHINT Latin America team will focus on expanding hotel and construction projects in and around the country in the near future, adding new vitality and power to smart and high efficiency industry solutions.