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CHINT POWER Passed Factory Audit of Inverter Supplier by Tesla

It's a great news that due to the strength in R&D, quality, brand and internal continuous efforts, CHINT POWER has passed factory audit of inverter supplier by Tesla and will formally provide solutions soon.

With the mission of "accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy", Tesla has been transforming from an electric car manufacturer to a clean energy giant, combining electric power, batteries with renewable energy generation and storage in recent years. In 2016, Tesla acquired solarcity, a residential PV integrator, becoming a leading residential PV integrator in the United States. This is a key step for Tesla to actively layout its energy system.




Since its layout in the North American market in 2011, CHINT POWER has made continuous efforts. It established a sound local sales team and after-sales service system, as well as launched special products in North America in response to market demand, stepping on the fast track of development.

Since 2015, CHINT POWER has won the sales champion of North American Three-Phase String PV Inverter for four consecutive years, and helped a number of major projects to be successfully approved by the power grid.

Up to now in the North American market, the cumulative shipment of CHINT POWER has reached 3GW, number of cooperation projects have exceeded 9,000. This year, relying on the advantage of the whole industry chain layout of CHINT Group, CHINT POWER has launched a centralized and distributed PV system solution using string PV inverter to provide one-stop system and services.