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CHINT global intelligent manufacturing to ensure order delivery

CHINT global intelligent manufacturing to ensure order delivery

Intelligent manufacturing is widely used in digital economy like online healthcare and education. It also plays a key part in CHINT's production capacity and order delivery efficiency.

Under the support of CHINT Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the digital workshop has a solid capability by integrating R&D, manufacturing, quality control, logistics and warehousing. Not affected by the outbreak, no fear of wind and snow, it enhanced CHINT to resume production to ensure the delivery of orders.

Location: Wenzhou

CHINT intelligent manufacturing digital workshop in Wenzhou takes CHINT IIoT as the brain, information system as the nerve, and unmanned AGV logistics system as the blood to realize efficient integration of various functional areas, reducing production and operation cost by 43% and increasing production efficiency by 335% compared with the traditional workshop. It was selected as one of the "top ten scientific and technological advances in intelligent manufacturing in China".

At a glance of the workshop, the busy mechanical arms are working in order and with high sprit, like playing a production symphony.

Location: Hangzhou

At CHINT Hangzhou intelligent factory, AGV cars are shuttling back and forth. The digital screen is showing the CPS production mapping through digital twinning. Most of the intelligent elements required by industry 4.0 in this factory are the China-Germany cooperative intelligent manufacturing demonstration project, which is also a vivid practice of CHINT's One Cloud & Two Nets strategy.

Location: Haining

On the basis of highly automated production and testing equipment, CHINT Haining transparent factory with photovoltaic manufacturing plus Internet integrates a large number of AI intelligent manufacturing elements. With high-tech content and high production efficiency, it is the pioneer and explorer of smart manufacturing in China in the field of photovoltaic.

Outside the workshop, epidemic prevention and control is still in the critical period; In the workshop, it's sparsely populated but "hot". Intelligent robots unaffected by the outbreak are ramping up orders.

Location: Thailand

CHINT battery factory in Chachoengsao Province of Thailand also adopts advanced intelligent manufacturing and production equipment and uses big data system to track material supply in real time to ensure production. The automatic production line runs 24 hours a day, providing solid support for the normal operation of the international supply chain.

Installed with intelligent brain and connected to the cloud of IoT, in the future, CHINT will stand firm to strengthen the promotion of intelligent manufacturing projects. We have full confidence in the future that intelligent manufacturing industrialization pace in CHINT is ushering in a new round of acceleration.